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==== Organizations ====
==== Organizations ====
* [[Government of Mizutsuki]] (Soldiers only)
* [[Government of Mizutsuki]] (Soldiers only)

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History Edit

In the year of 2050 A.D., "The Creator" previously worked in a lab of its own, creating the Manifested Magic Weapons and creating the system of magic, leading to create Kijutsu Magic Academy. Nevertheless, during the experiment and creation of the weapons, an outburst had occurred; sending shock-waves of anti-magic around the cities of Mizutsuki.

Everything was entirely quiet after the burst. Unfortunately, the weapons were completed before the burst happened a second later. The weapons scattered themselves in random places in the cities of Mizutsuki. The children apparently were chosen to wield it. The children who wielded the weapons were controlled by the weapon itself, including their family as well--Who are soon to see bloodshed on the battlefield.

The children and their families finally met where "The Creator" had disappeared. Only leading to a minute of silence, then the battle broke out. Not only the children's families are included, but the government that runs the cities of Mizutsuki sent out soldiers and got into the battle, trying to stop the chaos that was happening. The war of bloodshed lasted for about 5 years.

War Coming to an End Edit

Through these 5 years of war, the children still survived. Although, not minding their family members--were killed, and now fighting the Government of Mizutsuki's soldiers. The peace has not yet been settled, only from sudden moments when the children started manifesting a power called a "Drive".

As each child gained the power of a "Drive", they were able to annihilate most of the soldiers. The rest surrendered and went back to the government of Mizutsuki. The children retreated as well, as each and every individual child looked at each other's eyes. The bloodshed they cause was a phenomenon. Still, controlled by the weapons, the weapons gained enough power to contain the "Drive" within the children. The children left the bloody battlefield, only suddenly, the entire scenery faded into a void; causing other individuals to not remember the event that has happened, only the children that grew up through time, still remembers.

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